Mannion Drilling prides ourselves in providing professional drilling services, that with the right people to get the job done safely, on time and within budget. We have a proven track record, so if you are seeking professionalism in a unique industry, then you have come to the right place.

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We offer services such as water bores with NSW artesian waterwell license thru to mineral exploration holes. We cover a variety of different types of drilling from Diamond Drilling, Rotary Mud, Reverse Circulation (RC) Drilling, hammer drilling, pcd drilling, large diameter conventional coring, cable tool drilling, bore hole camera inspections, free advice and field inspections.

Test bores

Bore testing is an important first step for your project. If your thinking about getting a bore on your property, please consider getting a quote from the Mannion Drilling team. Testing helps to determine what you can use the water for or if the water requires dosing pumps to add stabilising compounds to correct ph imbalances and neutralize highly corrosive elements.


Since Australia is the one of the driest continent on earth, it is vital that our water is protected. For this reason, taking and using underground water is strictly regulated and controlled by each state and territory government. It is the responsibility of the landowner or the lease holder to understand and comply with the rules in their own state or territory. Mannion Drilling will provide advice and information to help understand these rules.


We offer innovative, cost effective programmes for all commodities across the Australian mining industry. All our drilling crews are competent operators with outstanding safety records. We can offer a wide range of surface drilling tools with our rig capable of drilling in different depth ranges.

Our rigs are well maintained, multi-purpose and capable of carrying out a wide range of exploration drilling activities. We understand the challenges and risks associated with these areas of work by completing jobs in remote regions across Australia.

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If your thinking about getting a bore on your property, please consider getting a quote from the Mannion Drilling team.

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