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Water drilling

Whether you need more water for your stock, for irrigation, for your farm or home – we can help. Our expert crews  have the experience and know-how to complete your job  to the highest standard, no matter the size – big or small, we do them all. 

EXploration drilling

Our world class crews have the skills and experience to tackle  exploration bore projects for all resources types. We use leading edge equipment and accredited crews to make sure  your next job is completed to the highest standard,  on time, on budget and with a commitment to safety.   

Leaders in the Drilling Industry


Services such as water bores through to mineral exploration holes.

Test Bores

Bore testing is an important first step for your project.


We are focused on having the right crews for every project.


Need a quote from a experienced expert? We can help. 


We are a company that is committed to providing a safe place of work.


Our family have been drilling for 100 years and we’re just getting started. 

A Long History

As a family business passed on down through the generations the Cox-Mannion connection would be one of the longest surviving drilling families in Australia.

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